The Story

Midnight. In a junkyard, a tribe named "Jellicle Cats" meets for the ball under the moon. Old Deuteronomy, old wise cats loved et respected by all, rejoins them to choose the cat who will be allowed to re-born and go the the Heaviside Layer. During that night, an old female, Grizabella, tries to join back the tribe but is rejected : she left them years ago to explore the world, and they don't forgive her.
All cats are happy, play and danse under the silver moon. But the sinister Macavity, cat-thief also called "The Napoleon of crime", attacks the Jellicle and kidnapps Old Deuteronomy. Rum Tum Tuggers cals Mister Mistoffelees, the magical cat, who brings back Old Deuteronomy with a fantastic magical trick.
All cats are ready to know which one of them will be chosen. But Jemima and Victoria, two young comprehensive and generous kittens, show to the Jellicles that Grizabella deserves to join back the tribe. Finally made it up with the tribe, Grizabella is finally chosen to go to the heaviside Layer.