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South Africa January 2001 (World Tour original cast)
the pyramide   Groupe   Skimbleshanks : the railway cat  
Stuttgart March 2001 (original cast)
the pyramide   Rum Tum Tugger and his fans   Grizabella  
Osaka 2001
danse   danse   The Moments of Happiness  
US Tour V July 2001 (original cast)
Jennyanydots, Munkustrap, Demeter, Jellylorum and Bombalurina   Pouncival, Sillabub, Tumblebrutus, Mungojerrie, Rumpleteazer, Old Deuteronomy and Victoria   The Addressing of Cats  
London November 2001 (final cast)
Jellicle songs...   ...for Jellicle Cats !   Jemima, Tantomile and Coricopat  
Osaka 2002
Rum Tum Tugger   Grizabella   the Cats  
Copenhague September 2002 (original cast)
The Jellicle Ball   The Jellicle Ball   Old Deuteronomy and Jellicles  

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