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Hamburg April 1986 (original cast)
Plato, Victoria, Sillabub and Rumpleteazer   Jellicle Ball   Macavity kidnapps Demeter  
US Tour III September 1986 (original cast)
The Naming of Cats   The Jellicle Ball   The Ad-dressing of Cats  
London November 1986
Jellicle Ball   Bombalurina and Demeter   the final  
Melbourne January 1987
Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats   Jellicle Ball   The Moments of Happiness  
US Tour IV April 1987 (original cast)
The Jellicle Ball   The Jellicle Ball   les Pollicles  
Amsterdam July 1987
Jennyanydots   The Rum Tum Tugger   The Journey to the Heaviside Layer  

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