The 1989 production

The French Cats Première in Paris was at the Théâtre de Paris on February 23rd 1989. It closed on April 29th 1990. In 1989, Cats won the Molière of the best musical.
The CD of the original cast is still on sale.

The show was based on the Amsterdam production, based herself on the Vienna production. This can be seen by watching pictures in the Gallery.
Pouncival had the part of Quaxo, who took part to a sort of tap-dance competition with Jennyanydots during her song in Vienna.
There were two Genghis in Growltiger's Last Stand : the one that we know in other productions, and an "Old Genghis". It seemed as this Old Genghis was a character appearing during the whole show.
Many characters names were changed, as you can see by checking the cast list. The word Jellicle was changed to Jalupate.

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